Hello! I'm Nine (a.k.a. Super Phil) and I am a Super Eurobeat enthusiast and DJ from Vancouver, BC Canada.

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I have been a huge fan of the Eurobeat genre for over 20 years. I am known as Domino's number one fan and I am a huge supporter of Honey Hime. My favorite Eurobeat labels are GoGo's Music, ABeatC, DRM and SCP, and I greatly admire Domino, Kaioh, Sandro Oliva, Dave Rodgers, Bratt Sinclaire and Nick Festari as producers/artists.


As early as 2004 I started mixing Eurobeat and Hyper Techno. I got into mixing music because I have always enjoyed non-stop album releases and wanted to listen to mixes with track lists that were tailored to my preferences. I also contributed mixes to several ParaPara projects and performances, but during these times I only considered myself a hobbyist and not a DJ. This all changed in 2020, and after being inspired by Deshima Sounds' Paradise Online event in May 2020 I made my DJing debut on the 17th of October 2020 at the Paradise Online: Second Stage Twitch Event.

My goal when mixing is to create an experience that would be enjoyed by all, but be heavily appreciated by those with a deeper understanding of the Eurobeat genre. I want to leave your average listener pumped and wanting more while providing a nostalgic experience for the seasoned listeners. Eurobeat is a very structured genre and I love to switch things around because of this, and I also enjoy mixing and editing vocals, and incorportating other genres and samples. I am currently learning how to mix live on a DJ controller and hope to livestream sometime in the future. Other than Eurobeat and Hyper Techno, I enjoy J-Pop, K-Pop, Eurodance, Italo Disco, Cyber Trance, and Vaporwave.

In addition to DJing, I run eurobeat.online, appear as a guest host on MandieNRG's YouTube channel, help run and promote Paradise Online with Deshima Sounds, help contribute content for and moderate Eurobeat-Prime.com, have created album art for official iTunes album releases, and I am a 3rd generation member of the American ParaPara circle DiscoNRG.

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